Are girls interested in CSGO betting?

It is common to think that mostly boys and men play computer games and are interested in Esports. However, we made some research to understand how much girls are interested in these things.

We analyzed some CSGO betting sites and looked for female users. It was important how active they were. However, we have to admit that we didn’t find a lot of females interested in CSGO betting. There is a chance that female users create accounts from which you can’t decide gender. However, we found one female, 27 years old, and asked her opinion about games.

She said that she has always been interested in online computer games. Years of playing CS, today she usually only watches other matches instead of playing herself. She has a normal job, however some money is earned using gambling sites. Her husband doesn’t like games so much but her little son seems like a person who will enjoy computer games in the future.

What we noticed is that female users are more aware of scams than male users. We made some questions and it seems that female users are trying to get as much as possible information about a certain website before starting gambling there. One user, which is using Drakelounge for getting skins, said that articles like this – about drakelounge user experience- are really helpful. Male users, on the other hand, choose to visit forums because information here provided simpler. However, trusting forums is kind a risky thing because you can never know who is participating in discussions.

So to answer our question – yes, girls are interested in CSGO betting. The numbers of female users are lower than male users. However, we can see that female players gives more attention to site and tend to choose legit ones.

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