Checkups for a doctor’s appointment

General practitioner is a doctor, who can help with every health problems, if not, send to the specialist’s hands. Most of the time this type of doctor helps to choose the best medications or treatment. It is a necessary thing to prepare before coming for an appointment. But some patients struggles or choose the wrong way for it.

Things you should do not drink:

  • Coffee (especially before a blood pressure test). Most of the time blood pressure is a usual test, which helps to understand patient’s health. Drinking coffee or any caffeine drinks can effect results. Using drinks makes pressure’s results higher. General practitioner suggests avoiding even cola before coming to the appointment. Drink tea or water, if it is necessary.
  • 24 hours before a visit, the patient has to be sober. It effects many tests, especially a cholesterol test, so using even just a little of it will change results. It is better do not drink alcohol at all, if there are some health problems.
  • Too much water. It is a good thing to drink water, however, it is better to use it as usual. In this way it will not change the test’s answers. Have a normal day, so it will be easier to help. General practitioner wants to help, however, some patients make it harder, even when they are trying to help.

Food habits

The same thing as for drinking water valid for eating habits. It should be done normally. If is junk food, what the patient eats mostly it is better to eat even before a visit. Being honest will help you to get healthy again. However, junk food should be eaten as limited as possible, so when the patient starts the treatment, it has to be taken seriously.

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